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To make it easier to build and earn on ICP

The potential of web3 will only be realized when decentralized applications become more competitive than their web2 alternatives.

ICP is a new technology that makes this possible, but now we need to jumpstart an entire industry that puts this technology to work.

By building ventures that make it easier to build and earn on ICP we will catalyze a new wave of Web3 entrepreneurship that fulfills the promise of a decentralized future.

Acceleration Program

Get the boost you need for 1-2 years, then exit with your own independent company

We’ve seen too many founders lose valuable traction while trying to navigate the legal and operational barriers of building a venture within Web3.

Code & State is a hands-on alternative to traditional pre-seed funding that supports early-stage Web3 founders so they can focus 100% on finding product-market fit.

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Early stage ventures

We’re the best fit for pre-seed ventures that either haven’t started the formation of their legal entity, or they just recently completed it.

Alignment  with our mission

We’re focused on ventures that make it easier to build & earn on ICP. While we respect the value that NFT collections, meme coins, games, & gambling projects have for the ecosystem, they are out of scope for our acceleration program

Single mission startups

If a startup needs multiple miracles to succeed, it’s extremely likely to fail. If a startup doesn’t need a miracle to succeed, the vision isn’t big enough. We look for “Single Miracle Startups” as defined by Elad Gil here

An opportunity worth $100m+

We target ventures that have the potential to grow to a valuation of at least $100m because this means it is chasing a big enough market opportunity to put our support and expertise to good use.

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