We help Web3
founders find
product-market fit

Code & State is a venture studio building on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). Why ICP? →

What We Do


Venture Studio

We offer funding for 1-2 years of runway along with legal, marketing, strategy, and design support so that the founders can focus 100% on finding product-market fit.

Acceleration Program


We host community events and initiatives for an ecosystem of builders, marketers, & enthusiasts who are part of an emerging Web3 industry that is about to change the world.

Join the Movement
Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Our brands are the building blocks for the emerging ICP industry
talentdb logo


Find the talent you need to build the future or finally land your Web3 dream job! We’ve established the first, largest, and most connected talent agency within the ICP ecosystem.

solidstate logo


We help ICP builders gain peace of mind and retail investor trust through rigorous code security audits by top protocol security experts who are leading the frontier of security on ICP.

We’re always looking for new ventures to join our portfolio, but everyone is welcome to join the Code & State community and be part of our mission to make it easier to build and earn on the Internet Computer!

Meet The Team

Isaac Valadez
Venture Lead
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Artia Moghbel
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Nima Rasooli
Tech Lead
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Ben Papernick
Talent Lead
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Esteban Suárez
Event & Community Lead
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Cédric Waldburger
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Bianka Tafuro
Operations & Finance Lead
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Why ICP?

ICP is the  decentralized cloud that unlocks the potential of Web3

Decentralised Cloud

Imagine AWS without Jeff Bezos.ICP can host websites, storage, and compute directly from the blockchain to finally make it possible for 100% decentralized Web3 applications to look and feel indistinguishable from the web2 experiences everyone is used to.

Democraticized Web Services

While most DAOs can only control a handful of dapp parameters, ICP makes it possible to launch DAOs that completely control the source code of a deployed dapp. This allows for complex online services that run on code which can only be updated through public proposals adopted by its users.

Cross-Chain Automation

ICP smart contracts can sign transactions on other blockchains just like a human user. They do this with without any centralized services, using secret keys no human will ever get access to. Beyond serving as an L2, this enables the creation of cross-chain decentralized autonomous actors/bots.

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